Masquebec Hill is a tightly-knit community of good-willed campers and counselors committed to bringing out the best in each other. The Camp’s goal in mentoring ten to sixteen year old boys is to encourage and celebrate each individual’s growing altruism, good judgment, and integrity. Unique in its near-family size, Masquebec Hill is distinguished in its tradition of civility and emphasis on ethics, and it is treasured by campers and counselors who typically return year after year. Activities, pursued in the spirit of the Camp’s mission, include canoeing, sailing, swimming, fishing, hiking, camping expeditions, basketball, off-campus tennis, archery, art, theatre, band, exploring and natural history, as well as interests campers bring with them.
                                    --  from The 2007 New Hampshire Camp Directors Guide

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A veteran counselor's Fireside Chat with campers