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As aggressively as I have seen him work at this in the classroom setting, it was always at summer camp on Newfound Lake, at a place that he loves and where he grew up, that he knew boys could best learn and practice what he deemed to be the most important Big Three lifetime skills:

• good judgement
• sticking up for what you think is right
• being aggressively altruistic

This focus truly permeates a session spent at Masquebec Hill. Counselors, who have all been campers at one time, will befriend boys and help them to become better sailors or swimmers or tennis players, but they never lose sight of the Big Three and the myriad of opportunities to develop them in the overnight camp setting. In truth, Masquebec Hill has goodly amounts of the afore mentioned good fun, new friends, and activities, but it is clearly committed to more. In my observation, it achieves a good deal more.