let's jump into a day. . .

8:00am… Although a gentle wake-up would be appreciated, the only trumpet player who can vaguely ad-lib “Reveille” is still asleep, so the Swedish cow bell bongs on endlessly. You have a choice: you can bounce out of the sack and head to the waterfront for a wake-up dip; you can bounce out of the sack and, remembering to put your clothes on, lumber over to the dining room and start breakfast; or you can simply turn over for another half-hour of sleep. It’s a warm and humid morning with the hint of developing sailing winds from the south. You go for the splash. The water is delicious.

8:30am … Everyone gets to the dining hall by now. You start on your oat meal, orange juice and hot chocolate and then give “Mr. Huge” your order for pancakes. Much chatter while checking out the sports pages. There is a Yankees fan in Camp. We are kind to him. The Sox are still winning since it’s early in the summer. The comics always have cocoa on them. Harry groans about the Stock Market. Announcement time and the morning activities are decided. You’ve chosen sailing instruction with Louie since you want to pass your Junior test before races on the last week. Enthusiastic beginners are hitting the tennis courts with Beau. Two die-hard fishermen are headed for a pond where Scot has convinced them the fish are dumber than the ones in Newfound. Before activities, though, you need to clean up your bunk and complete chores with your duty group; today it’s dining room and kitchen detail. Bottomless fruit bowl on the Porch all morning long. Cool Clementines.

12:00 noon… Everyone back in Camp for a general swim at the Waterfront. Then up to the Main Camp for a play rehearsal. You have the role of Dynamite Anne, Sheriff of Fishhook County, in Comin’ Round the Mountain which will be presented on Parents’ Sunday. Others have the enviable leisure to play a little pick-up basketball and ping pong or shoot archery or work on art projects until lunch.
1:00 PM… It’s a sit-down family-style lunch today. Many courses. Much conversation. Everyone is trying to convince John the world is round. He has degrees from West Point and M.I.T. and thinks it’s flat. Spaghetti and meatballs, corn, salad, garlic bread. Helen is a nurse and dietician, and she puts together a great meal; even if she didn’t, everyone likes her too much to complain.
2:00… Solo Time. Young campers hate it. Old boys love it. Almost an hour alone and sedentary anywhere in the upper Camp. Reading, sleeping, drawing, thinking. You start to read and fall asleep in your bunk.
2:45… A trip to the natural waterslides this afternoon. Also basketball and an expedition to snorkel in the shallowest and dive in the deepest parts of the Lake. You choose to show them your stuff in a three-on-three hoops contest in "The Wingarden" and then hit the water. Generous free time at the end of the afternoon. Rick gets you going in some serious frisbee-golf.
6:00… Cookout. Chicken or burgers and dogs. Some onion rings. Salad with ranch. Easy free-flowing ambiance. Organized watermelon seed-spitting contest at the end. You hit the fifty point can and show finesse but are outdone by a sharp spitting ten-year-old. "Circles" after supper several evenings a week. "Fireside Chat" (with a counselor presenting an aspect of character he finds important) and the lighting by Jewish and Christian campers together of the Sabbath Candle at sundown on Fridays.
7:30… Campfire. Sometimes a story. Sometimes music or singing. On Saturday nights, skits or a talent show or a play. Tonight, a movie, Return of the Pink Panther on the big screen. You can play chess if you want, but end up getting a few chuckles from Inspector Clouseau who will be imitated by chuckleheads at breakfast tomorrow.
9:30… Take a quick dip in the Lake if you want. Then get ready for bed. Prayers.
"Good-nights" from the counselors. "Mr. Huge" checks in with you
and finds out how your day went.
10:00… Lights out. You can talk with dorm-mates for a while but need to cut it short. It has been mandated that the group have ten hours of sleep, given different ages and sleep requirements….. Homesick? That's normal. You've made at least one new friend. You've helped a younger kid. Harry and Rick definitely think you're OK. "Mr. Huge" is "excited to have you aboard." Louie thinks there may even be some hope for you as a sailor. And you are one dribbling hot dog of a basketball player with a potentially award-winning role in Comin' Round the Mountain. Yes, you have definitely carved yourself a niche.
Guess you're with us. We all hope so and will give our all to help
you make this one of your better choices.